Friday, June 4, 2010

It is too hot out here

Frying like an oven in the dry heat of the desert. 150 miles to go.
Nothing like being by yourself 14 hours a day. Thankful for my friends who I call every 5 minutes. Surprised they still answer.
The sound of the crackheads outside. It reminds me of a drug rehab. But not the fun kind. Not the kind you see on tv. No one likes to see the reality of it. The cracked freebase pipes, the burnt-out faces. The dirty fingernails.
It's been like this for too long now. What am I doing out here in the desert?

It's raining sunshine and I have no umbrella. Just this pocket full of sand. Drifting on a memory. Waiting for the dawn.

The television is my best friend. The internet is eternal.
Time passes, the world turns. I am.

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