Saturday, November 7, 2009

Alone in the dark

Sitting here on this cold Queretaro night listening to dogs barking in the street and the sound of people partying outside. It is a noise I will miss dearly when I leave in two days.
I have been sipping slowly on this tall bottle of Mezcal, and washing it down with Pacifico and Garci Crespo.
How many nights has it been. Nearly two months. Sitting here in this messy table of soda and tostadas and Saladitas with a bottle of chipotle hot sauce and several packets of Jalepeno from burger king.
Pirated CDs and DVDs are scattered about the table.
A bottle of hand sanitizer and a painted burger king hat.
A lone cricket chirps outside my window.
Will I remember this cold night? Ten years in the future, will I be able to look back at this post and understand what it all meant. This wierd moment in time with mariachi music blaring from the neighbors yard and young children screaming in the street.
What was the purpose of this trip... This long excursion into another world.
Is there a reason for it all?
I guess only time will tell.
But for now I have to face the BIG question. What will I do when I get back?


  1. Perhaps where players and pimps roam free? Where a new age of ice was created?...... don't "call" them, they'll "call" you.............