Monday, November 9, 2009

La Jaiba Loca

Exhausted. Been all over the city today and it's only 12:30. I am hungry so I stopped by la jaiba loca, Queretaro's greatest restaurant.
There was almost no one in there that early, except for me and some old fisherman sitting and sipping a brew in the corner.

I walked into the fishy establishment and took a seat.

But that is not an interesting story...
Well, just a few more hours until I am on the bus to Mexico City. I hope the meal they are serving is good.
You never know. Most likely a sandwich and a soda. But I can live with that.

I am chomping at the bit here. There is no farewell dinner. No big send-off. Just a box of Saladitas and a dream. Maybe one last beer before the road?
No. Stay sober. Enjoy the final hours here. Once you are on the bus, you are free to move about the country.

Drink this Mojito-flavored 7-Up. That ought to raise your spirits. Sometimes a great notion.

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