Friday, November 6, 2009

Stay Out of Texas

Virginia Tech is not a good place to learn these days. It is a breeding ground for violence and warmongers.

I woke up this afternoon with coffee and a bagel, like I usually do, and turned on the America Network. As usual, Rachael Ray was on TV, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Flipping through the Spanish news stations, I saw teen singers Chris Brown and Rihanna coming to terms with their violent bout of domestic violence.

Then, CNN’s Mexico affiliate suddenly spurred to life with breaking news. A former Virginia Tech student with an Army certified degree in psychology had opened fire at a U.S. Military base just miles away from Waco, and down the street from the horrible Killeen massacre.

The US civilian response was as expected, round up the usual suspects… graffiti on mosques and violence in the streets.

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  1. Third coast born that means we're Texas raised