Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Let Freedom Ring

Zacatecas was crazy as shit.

6 hours on a rusty bus watching the rain streak across the dirt-caked windows on the Primera-Plus busline that I was riding. A lot of rain moving fast across the sky and all I can see is the greenery outside and the decaying buildings as I cruise slowly through the cities of San Luis and Aguas Calientes and all the little towns.

Whats that?

A..... McTaco??

Ha! Remind me to eat there on the way back. Keep reading this new Dan Brown novel and forget about the nonsense outside.
I think the great seperater between the first and third world is a heavy-handed regulation of city codes and building maintenance upkeep.

The graffitti problem here is bad, and no one ever really cleans it up. On the way through San Luis I saw faded scrawling on a wall that read "LOVE '86" .

It was wierd and cryptic and old and in english. But what really struck me was the fact that that building had not been repainted since I was 4 years old.

But then again, what is the price of well-maintained buildings? How many of our liberties have we given up in the US for a clean landscape?

It is going to take some getting used to before I can peacefully deal with the fact that perhaps you cannot walk down the street and peddle fruit to passersby.. That I will again have to wash my own windows.. That people will stop being friendly when I enter the local store.
There is a lot to learn living abroad, and even with our new president, the attitude toward Americans has not improved much.

Maybe I can flee to Cuba.

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