Thursday, October 8, 2009


The secret to escaping the wrath of these mosquitos is to sleep in your clothes and burrow deep under you covers at night and never let them get your scent.

Ah and here is the catch. It is sweltering hot in this house and the humidity is through the roof, so you want to strip naked and lay on the floor with no covers at all.

This is how Juan does it. I just passed by his room and saw him laying in his drawers on the tile floor of his adjacent room.

No one can escape the bugs in this heat.
Even though it is pouring rain outside.
What a strange climate.

I leave for Zacatecas tomorrow. Apparently I am staying in a youth hostel. Wtf! I have never been to one of these before and have no idea what to expect.

Zacatecas has been in the works for months, and Im not entirely sure what to expect.
I tried to book a bus ride on the ETN bus service, a top grade travel landcruising line with kosher meals, clean bathrooms, and strippers.

Instead, Juan and I stepped into Elecktra and booked me a ride on some shitty two-bit bus line where I, so far, am the only one who booked.

what was that? a shiver of fear. Ha HA! not from me. i will go naked into the night. there is no bus that i will not ride.

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