Tuesday, October 20, 2009

lost in translation

back in town and ready to rock and roll...

3 nights in Mexico City was enough, I think, to get a perspective on what I was missing in Los Angeles.

I think I found my new love. HA! Just another lost soul swimming in this cesspool of alcohol and cigarettes. Maybe.

48 hours now, since I set foot back on dry ground, and I can still smell her perfume on my Calvin Klein pima cotton T-Shirt.

I want to know what love is..... I want you to show me.


Or maybe I dont want to know. Maybe I am not meant to. Either way, its the pedal to the metal now.

What a wierd, cryptic post this is. I just read over it, and it doesnt really make any sense.


  1. Hola? Que Tal?
    It is Gaby!

  2. Man you must be filthay stayyin out there so long. You must be crazy.