Thursday, October 15, 2009

Reflections on life and soccer

Late afternoon on a warm Thursday and I am trying to make sense of the rest of this trip. How to make the most of my dwindling monetary resources and still claim the essence of my journey.
Where are you?
Strange noises from a monestary far away. But maybe not that far. Children running rampant in the street and hundreds of happy drunks singing under the palm trees.
One big leap into the mist.

Mescal drinking in the dark. Note to self: soccer is more important in other countries. Never cry wolf about the game.
Case in point:
Juan was taking a shower Wednesday afternoon, while I was watching the game of Mexico vs. Trinidad y Tobago.
I decided to spice things up. A little practical joke won't hurt, I thought.

I yelled through the house, knowing that Juan would be jealous he missed the shot.

"Who?!" Juan yelled from the shower.


Juan came running ass-naked down the steps, dripping water into the living room, and peered at the TV.

"What goal???" he yelled.

"Oh, um. just a joke."

"You never joke a Mexican about futbol," he said as he walked back upstairs. I never will again.


  1. Gooooooool! What did I tell you about soccer. Its big in other countries.
    When are you coming back? I have a surprise for you.


  2. Roberrrttt!
    Where are you?!?!?!
    Miss you. "Why are you having all these crazy adventures with no seat belt," as you would say.