Monday, September 21, 2009

amidst the wolves

Nighttime now. Thinking about the things I left behind in LA to come here.
Will anyone really miss me? Have I made any difference?

I have been a news reporter for 6 years. Rookie time by many standards, but I know what the fuck I am doing. People want to impose certain things on you in the industry, and sometimes you must keep quiet and work for change.
People will tell you amazing things when they believe you are naive. That is when you are poised to strike.
Those who think they know what is going on usually have no idea. Information travels from the ground up, and if you are not on the ground, you will be the last to know.

Ha HA!

I have a saucerful of secrets. Is there anybody out there? Just ring the division bell and you will meet the piper at the gates of dawn.

Its all a game, they say. But what will they do when they find out that not everyone is playing .
No one really wants change. Think through the eyes of the majority and you will get what you have always gotten. When you can comfortably walk through the slums or move seamlessly among royalty, when you have more connection with your surroundings than anyone else -- then you will have an idea of what you should be doing.
Play the game, but make your own rules. Then they can't tell you what to do. But you had better be sure before you play your hand.
What does hef say..... You do not come over at 12 o'clock to talk.

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