Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dont stop till you get enough

Rachael Ray and Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil and Rachael Ray. Rachael Ray and Dr. Phil and David Letterman. All day long these programs run my life on the America Network. Over and over. With no break.

Just got back from Mexico City. Amazing, crazy place. Definetly the highlight of my trip so far. I was staying in a 3 bedroom apartment with six other guys watching buckets of rain fall down down down.

My jacket served as my blanket and my Steve Madden shoes were my pillow. Water splashed through cracks in the horizontal sliding sash windows and trickled onto my face in the night. I ate burger king three times.

Went to an excellent restaurant called Fishers where I met another lost american. This girl had been living down here for 3 years teaching at what they call an American school. I didnt bother to ask whether that was a school for americans or just a school that taught english.
I met a beautiful slender girl who looked like a younger version of Rosario Dawson at a bar downtown. She told me that she had just gotten back from living in France. Her eyes were like angry tornadoes and her lips were like ripe watermelons waiting for you to bite into them.
She told me that she liked me. I got up and left.

Maybe I am in love. Maybe.

A strange crackling sound in the distance now. Hundreds of people sleeping on this murky street in Queretaro. I am gearing up for trips to Zacatecas, Guadalajara and Aguas Calientes.
Most of all, I am ready for a trip to the beach. There is not much that can compare to the beaches in Mexico. Especially when you are on the 10th floor of the Las Flores Resort in Mazatlan with a view overlooking the ocean.
Or when you are in a cheap taxi in Culiacan running scared from the many cartels out in the city.
Welcome back, my friend. We are in this together now. No blinking. Focus on whats in front of you.


  1. You know what I like about your blog, ITS FREAKIN INTERESTING.
    Most blogs are boring to read. You write like you are on crack, but it works.

  2. Yo,you are really one of the best writers I know. And you know I don't like to give compliments, but man you are writing sporadic thoughts and still aligning everything in concise presentation. I miss you Brother, hope all is well down there. And you know if you ever need anything let me know, and by the way I need an email address to hit u on.

  3. Yo sucka! Damn you're making me want to quit my job, tell my creditors I've joing the new millinium Boston Tea Party and come down there and join you!

    And I like that part bout tornado eyes n watermelon lips!