Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Awake now after the chaos. My eyes are burning and my mouth is parched worse than I can remember. Outside some sick fuc is blaring music.

"Man, I feel like a woman"

I have never hated that song as much as I do right now. My head is spinning and there is a red tint to the room for some reason. We arrived back at the house just few hours ago. I put my head on the pillow and hoped for the best. Now I am up again. Eyes are drooping.
A new song on the loudspeaker outside.

"Everybody Dance now."

I feel too sick to explain what happened last night, the day of Fiestas Patrias. It was an experience I will not soon forget. But right now I am so hungry I could eat a bed of rotting snails without using condiments.


  1. MADNESS I TELL YOU MADNESS!!! I want to know what the hell happend to you last night punk while I was playing nice with stardust you were....

  2. Dude seriously.... What did you do last night.

  3. What is up out there crazy guy? I love reading this blog.