Monday, September 14, 2009

Slurred madness

Even the photos came out like the images in the mind of an acid freak. There was no way to tell what was going on that drug-induced evening, but it sure felt like a lot of fun.

Here is a clear one of me and Don Juan. The band playing gave us a shout out. They thought we were soldiers from Los Angeles.


  1. Damn you Bong you think your screwed? Why did I just got off with one of the guys in the caravan, Just spoke to B's momma bear and might be going to san fran like tomorrrow? Where the hell are you to SAVE ME!!!!!! I wanna go so bad but it will for sure be the final straw at work!!!!I did so good this weekend too, I didnt leave home and see what that did now I wanna go and do something crazy!!!! Can you imagine the drive to frisco with the big mamma and his sis? Can we say a sack full of what?????????? Not sedatives thats for sure everything else though!!!!!!!!! I dont even care that he has a chick up there because I would be rolling up with his MOMS SON!!!!!!!! MANIC MANIC MANIC MANIC AAAAAAHHHH!!!! I need a distraction Bongaloid! What do you think I should do? Dont come at me all conservative either, remember: you just quit your job and left!

    wish you were here punk!

  2. Aaaack! Maintain Diesel, maintain.

  3. oh and she asked me if I was gonna go to san fran again last night pooooooo, i wannna!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and ps kinda funny i have stardust music and he has this song that totally relates to getting focused. i think you know what i am talking about. oh and FUCKIN COME HOME NOW!!!!!!!!