Thursday, September 10, 2009

Quit your job and move to Mexico

Sometimes... you have to let go of the drama and get into the mood.
There are things that push people past the limit and it's only a matter of time before pressure busts a pipe. It's simple physics.
Is it better to be stuck on a proverbial treadmill, running on a high setting until you collapse, or should you jump off and hope for the best.
Shit, maybe both.
It doesn't much matter at this point, because I can almost taste the pina coladas and beautiful women waiting for me on the beaches of Mazatlan, where I will spill liquor on my body and dance till I am numb.
But right now I'm just hot and tired. Packing is never fun and most people would rather get stoned and watch porn. Maybe thats what I should be doing instead.
You never can tell.

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  1. okay damn it!!!!I dont know what I am doing but all of a sudden I have two things on your thing and a blog ????? Called ahhh because thats not what I was trying to do, what is going on?????? All I wanted to do was say Babe have fun, be safe, and remember that you are LOVED LOVED LOVED!!! OH and Blanca says to find her a nice mexican boy chihuahua and maybe she will think about being nice :0)