Friday, September 18, 2009


Madness sinking in. Guanajuato..... San Miguel De Allende on Fiestas Patrias is no place for a recovering alcoholic. Hold it together. Finish writing this before you explode.
We took a taxi into the gold-lined streets in the late afternoon. The small cobblestone roads were flooded with people everywhere, singing and waving flags. The party will last all night into the morning. Run, run away from these pills.
Wait. Go back. Back to the taxi. Start the story out right.

Right. Drinking starts early. I am trying to avoid it here. I am still sober. Still hanging on to a thread of sanity. Unbeknownst to my friends, I have 5 mg of valium, 2.5mg of klonopin, and half a xanax bar in my pocket. I cannot take this kind of temptation. Stop it. Lets arrive already.

Beautiful streets. This is what I always picture when I think of Mexico. Even though I have been here a million times, this image will be imprinted as a signature of the country. What a great time.

But now to the task at hand. I should not be drinking. I am losing my grip on this situation. Too much crap in my system. I can't speak Spanish with any coherency at this point. Eyes are warped from substance abuse.

More drinking, dancing, laughing. More nonsense. Fire in the streets now. People moving feverishly to the beat. The burnt-out faces of Americans who have given up on their country and fled to this small oasis to retire.

At a shop now, looking for a trinket. A headband. Something. I need to celebrate the right way. Who is this on the street? Can I get some more. Another video now. I have the "drug eyes". What time is it? 3? 4 a.m.? Are we still here. Two sedatives left to take and a stomach full of venom. This is not a place for anti-anxiety pills. Throw them out. Put away that plate of powder. Let me breathe!

One more video to load now. Do I have time? It has been two (2) days since this madness happened and I have finally let go of it. This post took too long. Streets of gold, Jimmy. Wish that Paul/Emmanuel/Raheed/Oz/Juan/Marco were here to share it with me. You guys would have loved this.

One more to go and we're done. Thanks to Heed for the Chale Tamale. It always goes over well. 15-second video clipse. Eclipse.



  1. Did you just post this. Haha. I was just checking to see if you updated. Robert you are crazy. I miss you. What are you doing?

  2. I love you babe! looks like a blast!

  3. You bastard. I am green with envy right now.
    BTW, Thailand in April...think about it.