Sunday, September 13, 2009

Water, water everywhere

Almost midnite and the rain is beating against my window, showing no signs of letting up. No drinks or barbituates for me tonight. Just this rain and the burnout from earlier in the day.
I toured much of Queretaro during the daylight and what an amazing city.
We are smack dab in the middle of Fiestas Patrias and there are parades going at all hours of the night. Even as the rain pours into the street, people are marching with drenched banners and flags, celebrating like champions.
We leave for San Miguel de Allende on Tuesday for the biggest festival in Mexico. I am more anxious than excited for this trip. But my nerves are calm now, partially because I have recovered from the shock earlier in the day.
I was heading into the tiny bathroom to shower when I heard a voice from outside. Juan was yelling something to me.
"Hay unico problema," he said.
I stepped under the running faucet just in time to hear him tell me that there was no hot water. But it was too late. I was already lathered up with dial soap and had to stand there and rinse off under the icy water.
I should have ran naked out into the rain and took my chances there.

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