Monday, September 14, 2009

The quiet storm

Rain sloshing over the streets as I stand at the edge of the big puddle. Several people in yellow parkas are watching me, waiting to see if I make it.

I have to cross this gigantic stream of water running down the street to get back to Juan's house. Several cars have stopped here and people are waiting for the rain to let up, because it is too deep to cross. Do it now. Take the plunge.

I leap, and for a second, I think I'm going to clear it. But no.

Half a second later I am drenched in water from head to toe. I can hear laughter. It is not a mean laugh. I am not the first person who has fallen in the puddle today. But it is still pretty strange. I start to get up, when a hand reaches out to help me.

Her eyes were beautiful, green and deep. I could barely make them out through the rain, which left strands of wet brown hair strewn about her face.

We stand in the rain and talk for about 20 minutes until the rain finally lets up and then we go our separate ways.

Too many beautiful women in this city.


  1. Awww shit. We got video now. Man you are too much. Need to get out of that rain and in the clubs.

  2. aww bongolicious I miss you so much! I love the rain, thats so awesome. Go slip and slide and play in the rain and mud for me cause you know thats what I would be making you do if I were there! Hey next time you come across a hot chick, get her contact info no? Andale Bong!!!! I wanna see what it looks like where you are you are you so not doing a good job :0)
    Love you and miss you oh this should put a smile on your face< Blaise called me last night to tell me to watch myself and drive in the slow lane because mercury is in retrograde( he is so sweet) but I told him you were gone and he was like where did Bong go? I was like too MEXICO REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and as for stardust maybe just maybe slowly but surely, we have exchanged a couple messages here and there. HMMMMM?