Sunday, September 20, 2009


Sweating bullets now. Detox is the best way to spend a Sunday night. Hunger strikes have been called in all around the planet, and I am joining them. Cant eat like this.
About to watch Los Vigilantes ..... The Watchmen.
A facinating movie that I saw one lonely day in Milpitas. When a movie actually makes you think, you need to grab it by the balls and watch it. I think.
Musica Nortena still bumping outside my door. K-Paz now. Juan has female company coming over and she is supposedly bringing a friend for me to play with. Not like this. Not in this hectic state. My head is spinning and my lips are dryer than sandpaper.
Have to get back to work writing.
Will try to get some kind of work at the local paper tomorrow.


  1. Whats up Tiberius?
    How is mexico treating you? Next time you come to san jose, call me and I will join you on your solo movie missions

  2. What are you doing out there. Behave!