Sunday, September 20, 2009

A great moment

Its hot and humid here and I have a stomach ache that is yearning for another drop of alcohol. What is going on here. The weather is turning sour on me and so is this glass of ice water. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.
One valium, quickly down the tube. It feels so sweet going down, but even sweeter when it hits. Like a dropp of blood from a sugar cube.....
Ha HA! I love inside jokes.
But the joke was on me yesterday as I ran half-naked through a party of elderly people and began drinking their beer in the street. They never expected that to happen on the quiet saturday night.
Flea market today, bought a bunch of shit, including some cheap ass shoes to kick up shit in, since I was stomping around everywhere in my $90 Steve Maddens.
Dont be a cheap bastard..... Ride the wave.
Listening to banda now, dehydrated and exhausted. My eyes look like those of a withering coke fiend, and I cant seem to moisturize them.
Just watched crank 2 and it was the shit, even the second time around. Outside my window, children are playing and singing and jumping rope while an old man watches with a beer in his hand and a porno mag in the other.
Too much to take in this state. They are screaming now, some kind of primitive battle cry. I cant make it out. Am I imagining all this.
There are mosquitos everywhere, and not enough DEET in this country to repel them.
Turn fan turn. Swat away these fiends.

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  1. Robert! There you are. What the fuck have you been up to and why did I get a random txt message from you last week saying your moving to mexico. Is this true. Where was my invite. Well, I found you, so I will be following you